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Earn Dollars By Helping Business Owners Get Cash
--- Salesmarketing1 (7/2/2020)
Why Become A Small Business Capital Agent?
• Work from your home office
• Flexible schedule (full-time or part-time)
• No licensing requirements to slow you down
• Free training to increase your income quickly
• The market for small business capital is booming
• Quick approvals (1 business day) and fast funding (soon as 2 days)
• Helping businesses get funding can be very satisfying and very lucrative
• Businesses have growth opportunities but can't get money from the "big banks"
• More approvals - Our top-tiered lenders have less stringent criteria than big banks

How would You Be Compensated?
Earn Personal Commissions -"Direct Pay"*
You will receive commissions for each funded capital client that you personally introduce to DAC. This commission averages 4 – 5% of the funded amount but could be as high as 6 1/2%.
(Example: Help a client get a $100,000 in capital and earn $4,000-$6,500 commission).
There is no limit to the number of clients you can assist to secure capital. GET PAID WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS OF FUNDING!

Personal Referral Override "Enroller's Direct Pay"*
If you refer other individuals who become Independent Sales Agents, you can qualify to earn overrides on the capital clients they acquire.

Extended Agent "Direct Pay Overrides"*
If your personally enrolled agents enroll other agents, this develops your Extended Agent team. You can qualify to earn Direct Pay Overrides on up to 4 levels of Extended Agent enrollees.
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