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--- gnansari (5/7/2012)
We would provide our solutions based on long-proven engi- neering
principles i.e, under- stand the problem, plan the solution, and
follow the plan. We would provide solutions to our clients by fusing
technology with their business strategy so as it addresses their
current needs and position them for future opportunities.

6/2/2012 7:11:11 PM
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6/1/2012 2:54:21 PM
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6/1/2012 10:05:03 AM
I have four e-mail accounts and would like to have spaarete Address Books in Outlook for each account, with different addresses listed in each. I don't seem to be able to do it. Each time I try to establish a second address book (following the instructions How to create a second address book in MS Outlook 2010 on the Web), I receive a message This account or directory type already exists and cannot be specified twice . I recall that in Outlook Express I had no such problem, unfortunately OE is not compatible with Windows 7 that I now have. Any suggestions? Thank you.
6/1/2012 2:57:40 AM
The first thing you want to do is to set up your own account at . Just go to .com.Goog going to do next is sign up at the top of the sceern and you want to come up with a user name. What I recommend is using your first and last name if you can. Not everyone is blessed with having a unique name. Come up with something creative that is easy to remember. Come up with something professional. If you don't want to use your last name or are not comfortable with that you can find a way to integrate your first name with it.Many people uses a funnel such as a blog, really fancy things that they have spent thousands of dollars on. I am not saying that it doesn't work, it can be very effective. But with it is much simpler and cheaper.After having created a user name you fill in your location, postal code,date of birth and your current e-mail. If you have a Google account you can sign in with that. If you want to create a Google account, just go to to create a Gmail account. Once you do that you can log right into with your g-mail account. It is pretty simple. is a social media, a site where you have your own account. You have your own channel, which basically is your own homepage where all your videos are found. You can edit, customize and really make it your own. Now when you log into your site is going to be pretty basic and simple, so you want to go and customize it. So why would you want to go and customize it and personalize your channel?Everything in our business is about professionalism and branding. When they click on your channel for one of your videos and see you got this plain white site channel and that nothing has ever been done to it, the impression is that this is no person here, it could be spam.But if you take the time to customize it, and build relations and go the extra mile, that is when you give people the ability to connect with you. This is all about connection. People are going to be watching your videos, listening to your information. They are going to be curios about who you are and come back. If you got good stuff for them to connect to they will want to learn more about you. They will click on your link, go to your website, get on your list and see what your information is up to, ultimately if they like you or not, they will join you.You want to show that you are professional. You would definitely take some time and think about what your image could be. Use something simple and classy. Because that is the image you want to portray. So you could pick out a beautiful photo like a beach or a mountain. You can go to Google images or and customize as much as you want. This is the first image that people are going to see once they click on your channel. Five minutes customizing your account is really going to make a difference.The main reason we use is to upload videos. No matter where you are on , whether you are viewing a video, or looking at somebody's channel or whether you are searching videos. At the top of every single sceern you are going to see a link that says upload. Click on this button an d you can go straight to your own upload file and you can pick a video that you have recorded, and you can immediately grab that file to upload. If you have ever attached something to an e-mail it is basically the same. You click on upload video and it takes you to your desktop or "my documents" and you can easily grab that video and upload it.In the next article I am going to post I will tell you how to customize your video and how to present yourself in front of the camera.
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