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About the Dallas Dating Site
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Let’s face it: who has time to keep up with the latest hot spot in uptown, or sign up for the newest online dating service, only to find more disingenuous, nameless, faceless ‘matches’? You invest hours chatting with someone who piques your curiosity, only to discover the photo they posted was from several years ago, and you’re faced with meeting an entirely different person from whom you anticipated. Or an attractive person expresses a strong interest in you, but you later find out that he or she is currently married and just looking for a fling, or, maybe they’re ‘separated’ but spend the whole date answering calls from their ‘ex’.

If you are frustrated by the online chit-chat and want to meet singles in Dallas now, then it’s time to take your search to a whole new level. The Dallas Dating Company is an all-inclusive dating service that helps you meet positive, personable individuals. You can’t find a professional matchmaker in Dallas that’s more committed to helping you find people who are interested in developing real, tangible relationships and who live, work, and socialize near you. Our commitment is not just to provide a forum where people can try to navigate the online dating world, but to actually take an extra step and help match you to people you’re compatible with. Say what you will about dating algorithms, we’ve found that the best way to help people find who they’re looking for is by asking the right questions and connecting people that we feel would make a good match.

We combine the best aspects of online dating with a host of personalized services to help you find that special someone and make your life more enjoyable and manageable. Our extensive screening process ensures that when you meet singles in Dallas, you’re connecting with people of integrity that you can trust. We will only qualify candidates for membership after they pass a screening process demonstrating they will not pose a threat to our members or their families. Also, we ensure they are functioning members of our community which means they are employed, financially stable, and are single and serious about looking for a meaningful relationship or a quality social avenue. It’s hard to tell whether someone is genuine just by looking at an online profile or having a few texted conversations back and forth, which is why we do the work for you.

We also take the time to get to know you personally, such as your likes, dislikes, and the type of partner you’re looking for and are attracted to. This way, we can introduce you to members who we think will be a great match for YOU. You can get to know them on our private, members-only Dallas dating site, come to one of our privately hosted events to meet a variety of candidates in person, or ask us to set up a special date(s) for you. As a full-service company here in Dallas, we offer you a range of options to suit your busy schedule and personality. Trust us, we know how busy single professionals and single parents are this day and age. So give us a try - you’ll be surprised at how much more naturally dating comes when you can be assured not only that the person you’re meeting is actually interested in and compatible with you, but also that your date has been arranged and will go as smoothly as possible.

Our guiding philosophy is that dating should be organic, not forced - and so often, online dating sites make searching for a partner feel like the latter, and not the former. If you’re looking for a genuine relationship, the best way to start one is by meeting someone who has similar interests, values, or personality traits to you, and getting to know them by doing things that you both enjoy. We can help facilitate this type of genuine dating through the work that we put in to matching people who we think would enjoy each other’s company and actually work to make the relationship a possibility.

We invite you to explore our Dallas dating site and learn more about what makes our dating service unique, as well as the many exclusive benefits available to you upon qualifying as a new member of The Dallas Dating Company. When you’re ready to take the first step and meet singles in Dallas, give us a call at 972-332-5319 or apply online at and one of our friendly associates will be in touch right away. Contact us today to see if you’re eligible, and let us get to work helping you find the special someone you’ve been waiting for!
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The Dallas Dating Company offers dating service for the Dallas. We are offering a dignified dating solution for singles. Visit us at
The Dallas Dating Company makes it easy for you to dive back into dating in your 50’s. There are thousands of men and women to connect with, looking for the same things as you: fun, romance and someone special to share wonderful times. For more information visit at
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