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How To Win In coming Economy Mack Burnett III
--- mack123 (4/10/2012)
Burnett spoke to The Architecture Club at CityTech in Brooklyn, New York NY about how to win in the New Economy, the promise of college and reinventing your personal brand. he good people over at the Small Business Dojo have been good enough to not only make me a Sensei (another word for teacher), but they have also sponsored a 30 minute coaching call to a limited amount of people. (a $97 value!)
Mack an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Information Marketer, Marketing Consultant, Social Media Addict, Author, Speaker & Guy You'd Like To Have A Beer With!. Speaks to Mack Burnett, Author of Stop Working in 30 Days-Available NOW

Qualification Background Mack Burnett III
Master's Degree Major: Business and Technology Clubs: Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program 1991 to Present August Martin Hs Jamaica,New York Graduated: 1991 Degree: High School Diploma 1986 to 1991 Mack Burnett III haven't updated or dressed up his page, so he figured tonight mack would make some effort to care about his MySpace page. Mack care more about his friends. Mack holds bachelor’s degree in computer science from St. John’s University and is currently working on a master’s in business administration at the same school, which he hopes to complete this year or early next year.
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