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Online Career Development Courses
--- mlearnonthego (1/14/2013)
M-Learn on the go, an amaROCKS Group company is a Canadian organization providing High Quality - Highly Accessible - Highly Affordable, Business, Personal, Professional and Productivity Tools, Educational Courses and Certification in a unique format for e-learning, online, distance, mobile learning and classroom training. As a Leader are you looking to make training available any time, any place and in every way, then mobile learning is the best option as so many other organizations have learned. We offer Career Development Courses, Building Your Own Training, Skills Assessment, Performance Support. Visit or call us at 1-905-997-6022.
1/24/2013 3:37:19 PM
Every project / elninearg environement needs to be designed to the audience that will be using it. Every learner has the same goal…to get the most out of Training the most “Bang for your Buck!” I not only want learners and users of my e-Learning modules to read the text on the screen and pass the assessments, but I also want them to try it on their own in a simulated environment
1/23/2013 7:16:53 PM
100 Open Technology Courses You Should Have Taken in College | eLearning 3 . view page cached Edutainment, Distance Learning Collaboration & Social Learning = Future of eLearning | From the page
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